Sunday, February 8, 2015

Finally got the "official" Biome page up and running. I've had a page for Biome4Kids for a long time but needed a page for Biome. So what's happening on Biome?

First of all the volcano classroom has been enlarged and improved!

The airlocks on the steampunk sub are working now. You have to click on them to get them to open.

Fly on by (in) and enjoy! Up here in the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) a little volcanic heat would be much appreciated.

We now have 84 BI 100 students and several graduate students entering Biome at various times.

We also have new avatars in the log cabin - some new animals (like a bunny) and some dark skinned human avatars as well as new light skinned ones. Better hair too. Nothing like a new look!

My Biome office hours (online office hours for students) are every Monday from 7-10. You can probably find me in my office (the treehouse on the island of Biome) or building somewhere. There is a sign out by the log cabin on how to reach me via IM if you don't already know how.