About Biome

Welcome to Biome

Biome is a virtual world for learning about science, exploring and socializing.

Biome is the welcome island. There are a variety of avatars pre assembled in the log cabin - animal, male and female. Once you log in for the first time you will need to "put on" an avatar. Click on a box in the cabin, choose <buy>, open your inventory (labeled or with a suitcase icon), find the folder you just bought, right click on the eyes, wear them then right click on the whole folder and choose <replace current outfit>.

I also have an office on Biome. During online office hours you can find me there or building in other areas. Look for me or send me an IM.

We have four educational islands built around the idea of Earth Systems Science. This idea stresses that you can learn about the Earth best when you look at different aspects or "spheres" that all interact.
  • Biosphere is a place where you can learn about the forests of the earth. You can visit the treehouse which can be a classroom or just a place to hang out.
  • Geosphere is an island with a volcano. There is a classroom/seating area inside the volcano. You have to fly down through the lava to get there though!
  • Atmosphere is where you can learn about the weather. Check out the huge weather map you can walk on and put in a pin for your place. There's a flying saucer classroom there. You'll have to use the teleporter to beam up.
  • Hydrosphere is where the water is represented. There is a giant microscope with common pond critters for you to study, a wetlands, a river, and coral reef where you can explore (you can't drown here) or meet in the submarine. Note that you have to click on the airlocks to enter.
Finally we have Kinomaage, a Native American area.

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